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Don't you think your children need to be around other kids more?

A lot has been written about the so called 'Socialization' of homeschooled children.
... or join us at one of our Park Days to 'socialize'!

I notified the school of my intent to homeschool by letter. Do I still have to go in and sign Form 4140?

No. See Sec. 8-12-13(a). Schools are used to working with DOE forms, so if you have the form handy you may choose to submit it. However, it is not necessary for you submit the form if you submitted a letter with the requested information. The school will probably attach your letter to the form and continue processing your paperwork.

Do I have to file a new Notice of Intent every year?

Section 8-12-13 states that if a child's annual report has been submitted you don't have to file a new notice unless the child would be "transferring" to a new school. In that case, you would notify the new school.

Do I have to go in to meet with the principal or other school officials before beginning homeschooling?

No. You are not required to meet with any school officials before beginning homeschooling. Of course, you may voluntarily choose to do so if you wish. Some parents find their schools to be cooperative and friendly. Others find that the school tries to talk them out of their decision.

Do I have to submit my curriculum for approval?

If you are asked to submit a curriculum for approval, the school official may be confusing homeschooling with the much more restrictive tutoring/alternative education option. Parents do NOT have to submit a plan or curriculum to begin homeschooling. If your child's progress is deemed not adequate based on the principal's review of your progress report, you may be required to share a record of the planned curriculum. See the rules for details.

The school tells me I have to enroll my child in school before I can homeschool. Is this true?

The only document you have to give to the school to begin homeschooling is the Notice of Intent (Form 4140, or a letter with the appropriate information). You are not required to enroll your child in a school. However, school personnel do enter new homeschoolers into "the system" in order to process homeschooling paperwork. According to DOE, this procedure is internal to the department, is not the same as "enrolling" in the usual sense, and does not require any action or additional paperwork on the part of the parent.